Instrumentation Turnkey Solutions for Multi Organics Pvt. Ltd. Chemical Manufacturing Plant at Central India.




A DCS Based Instrumentation Turnkey Solutions for their Manufacturing Plant for Multiple Reactors, Distillation, Crystallizers, Centrifuges, Multistage Evaporators and other Unit Operations within the Plant.




Client's Challenges




  • Vendor to Undertake Complete Responsibility from Instrumentation, Control Systems, Installation & Commissioning.
  • Extremely Congested Plant and Extreme Harsh Environment Conditions (Temperatures & Corrosive Atmosphere). Designing of any solution based on Same.
  • Vendor should have In-depth knowledge of Chemical Plant operation for Reanalysing SOP and giving Solutions for Automation.
  • Due to Brown Field Project, Engineering the solution for Minimum Downtime of Plant.
  • As Plant Located in Remote Area, Hence Service Support should be High to Minimise Downtime.
  • PlantPAx Solution with for 2300+ I/Os spread around Various Plant Locations over Ethernet DLR Network. Local Monitoring in plant Area with Thin Clients was given for easy operations.
  • Communication with Various Other Power and Non-Critical Parameters for Energy Management and other Process Analysis.
  • Selection, Supply and various Field Instruments for the Process Control Applications as part Of Total Turnkey Solutions.
  • Design for Installation of Field Instruments, Trays Routings along with Complete Documentation for Instrumentation Design to Overcome Congestion of Plant.



  • Reduced Batch Times, High Accuracies of Process Controls, Increased Plant Efficiency, Optimum Equipment Utilization and High Return On Investment.
  • Single point responsibility with Complete Turnkey Package was Carried out.
  • Phase wise Ordering & Commissioning of PlantPAx DCS system starting with 400 I/O’s in 2013 & scaled up to 2300+ I/O’s which was commissioned in 2016.
  • Within a Brown Field Project, Old Plant and Extremely High Space Constraint, the Engineering Challenge of automation was taken up & has been successfully commissioned.
  • The Installation of Complete System has been taken with Minimum Shut Down of Plant.
  • All the I/O panel has been installed in High Ambient temperature of 55ºC and high corrosive environment have been successfully running without any failures this PlantPAx DCS till this document was written in Oct’ 2019.
  • With these Hash Environments Lower Downtime, Easier Plant Operations lead to High Productivity.

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