Upgradation Of PLC5 System to Control Logix at Gharda Chemicals Ltd., at Western Maharashtra, India.




Gharda Chemicals Ltd. required to Upgrade their Exiting PLC5 System to the Latest Control Logix PAC System in Two of their Plant Areas with 896 I/Os & 1952 I/Os each.







Client's Challenges




  • Vendor Should have In-depth knowledge of PLC-5 system for complete Up-gradation.
  • Vendor Should have knowledge of Modbus communication with PLC-5 and DCS.
  • Tool availability for  complete Up-gradation of PLC-5 to ControlLogix system.
  • Complete Upgradation need to be done in short Annual Shutdown of 7 Days including the plant with 1952 I/Os.
  • Identifying & Redressing existing wires.
  • Redundant ControlLogix Processor with Flex-I/O configuration.
  • Redesigning of Panel.
  • Replacing Old Mounting plates of panel with New Mounting plates maintaining Field I/O Cables.
  • Planning of hour to hour activity during shutdown.
  • Installation, Loop checking, Test runs & Commissioning of deployed software.



  • The system was satisfactorily Engineered, Designed, Documented and Commissioned.
  • Complete up-gradation was carried out in Seven days of Routine Shutdown without any Additional Downtime of the Plant.
  • Revised Design led to Easier Maintenance and Ease of Use.
  • Service Appreciation award Received.

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