Integrated Architecture with PlantPAx DCS for a Green Field Manufacturing Plant in Western Maharashtra, India.




Control System Solution for their OBA Green Field Manufacturing Plant for Multiple Hazardous Reactors including Hydrogenation Reactors, Formulations, Multi Effect Evaporators, Tank Farm with Integrated IMCC as well as Package Units for Utilities Including Boilers, Spray Dryers & Ice Plant.



Client's Challenges




  • A complete DCS Solution with Connectivity to IMCC.
  • Scalable System help us to manage the Common Programming Platform with other Package units to be supplied.
  • Knowledge in Chemical Industry to enable Understand, Build & Deliver the User Requirements in Timely and First Time Right Approach.
  • Vendor to be part of HAZOP team to Create Safety Loops and Alarm Management within the Basic Process Control System for Hydrogenation Reactors and other Hazardous Process.
  • PlantPAx Solution with Plant-Wide Integrated Architecture.
  • Installation of Remote I/Os in Zone 2 area for 2588 I/Os
  • Installation of IMCC of over 450 Numbers of Intelligent Overload Relays, Soft Starters and VFDs directly communicating processor over Network.
  • Complete Scalable Solution on Same Platform to cater to Integration Various OEM Package Units with Main PlantPAx Processor for to ensure for easy Operational & Maintenance Solution.



  • Complete Integrated Architecture for Main DCS as well as PLC Package Units within the Common Platform resulting in Common Viewing and Control of the Entire Plant.
  • High Safety Features within the Hydrogen Reactors and Other Hazardous Unit Operations.
  • High Diagnostic of All Electrical Devices including Disaster Recovery System.
  • State Of Art DCS Delivered with High Controls on Raw Material Feeds and Process Paraments Control Leading to Consistent Batch Quality and Optimization of Plant Asserts and Utilities.

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