Instrumentation Turnkey Solutions for Astec Lifesciences Ltd. Chemical Manufacturing Plant at Mahad, India.




A Chemical Manufacturing Company in having its Manufacturing Location in Mahad, Western Maharashtra, India, Manufacturing of Agrochemicals and Pharmaceutical Intermediates requires Instrumentation Turnkey Solutions for one of Contract Manufacturing Plant for Multiple Hazardous Reactors, Distillation, ANFD and Utilities.




Client's Challenges




  • Vendor to be Supporting from Concept to Commissioning including Detail Engineering with in-depth knowledge of Chemical Plant operation to Re-Analyse SOP.
  • Proper Instrumentation Selection Keeping in mind Toxic & Hazardous Nature of Chemicals Used.
  • Incorporation of S88 Batching Solutions towards Reactor Control.
  • High Accuracy of Process Controls for Reactors, Distillations, ATFD, and Batching Solutions for Reactors.
  • Associate with HAZAOP study, Incorporate Basic Safety Features and Alarm Management due to Hazardous Nature of Plant and Runaway Reactions.
  • Storage of Historical Values for Minimum of 5 Years and Monitoring of Current Plant status and Historical Data in Australia.
  • Working as a Team with Planning, Designing, Building and Deployment of the Green Field Plant.
  • Associate with Process and Safety Team to give the Complete Automation Solution for the Client’s Requirement.
  • Design and Selection and Supply of Various Instrumentation.
  • PlantPAx Control System for 488 I/Os.
  • Incorporation of Batch Controls for Charging and Process Controls.
  • Historian and View Point Reports for Remote Monitoring and Reporting.



  • Well Incorporated Instrumentation Design Lead to Accurate Measurement as well as Time Proven Sustainability of Instrument for the Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals Used in the Process.
  • Incorporating Safety Interlocks, Alarm Managements Helped Increased Safety.
  • High Consistency and Quality of Product.
  • Remote Monitoring enabled better go to market strategy.
  • This Incorporation of Lead to Multiple PlantPAx Installation for their Various Manufacturing Plants for Reactors, Distillation and other Chemical Unit Operations from 296 I/Os to 1776 I/Os.

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